5. Jun, 2022

Niki’s book

We had a lovely first meeting of our new Making and Crafting group at Keighley Library on 30th May. Niki came along with her mum Pam - both keen crafters.

Niki says

‘I thoroughly enjoyed making a folded paper book. Starting off with a blank piece of paper and finishing with a mini work of art.
My mum and I loved it. I finished making my book at home. Although it did take me most of the night because Fizzgig my cat wanted to 'help'.
If you have never attended a Create Connect Make session before I totally recommend it, this was my third one and definitely won't be the last.’

As well as making books, we chatted about what crafting and making we want to do more of at the Library and came up with some ideas and plans, including skills shares (including Niki showing people how to crochet - watch this space!) and lots more.
Our next activity will be hosting a ‘Design and Make a Book Cover’ creative session on Saturday 18th June, 14pm. More information and book your place here

Would you like to join our group? Its open to all adults and young people 14 plus. Get in touch with us at createconnectmake@gmail.com to find out more.