20. May, 2022

Making and Crafting Session 28th May

Do you like making and crafting stuff? 

Would you like the chance to meet with other people in Keighley to share skills and ideas?
This new creative group is for Keighley folks who enjoy or are interested in making stuff, whatever you might call it - crafting, art (of any kind), building things, playing, tinkering, messing about. 
We’ll be meeting regularly to share and support each other, and come up with ideas for creative events and activities that could take place in the library. 

Come to our (rescheduled) first meet up on Saturday 28th May, from 2-4pm. 

What is Create Connect Make?
Create Connect Make is an open invitation for people to get involved with making creative activities happen in Keighley Library. The project is funded by arts organisation The Leap. As part of the project, we are creating new groups which will be supported by Library staff, local artists, poets, writers and others to develop ideas for events and activities that could take place in the library.

What can I expect?
We invite you to bring something you’ve made, or ideas of things you would like to make, to share if you like (but no pressure!)
Then we’ll be getting to know each other and sharing ideas for what events and activities we could try out at the Library.
We’ll decide how often and when we want to meet and make some future plans .The session will be super informal, friendly and we’ll supply refreshments

Who is it for?
The group is open to adults and young people over the age of 14. 
No experience necessary but we welcome input from the experienced to the beginner with tons of enthusiasm.

How do I book a place? 
Email us at createconnectmake@gmail.com to book your place, letting us know about any access requirements you might have.
If you have any additional questions, just get in touch!