7. May, 2022

Our first Performance Group meet up

We had a fantastic first meet up of our new Performance Group last week at the Library. 

First, we found out a bit about each other and shared some stories of ourselves and what we love to do. We instantly discovered so many talents, skills and interests. 
In our group we have people who act, write a poem a day, play and perform music, sing, drum, make podcasts, organise and help run festivals, scriptwriter and direct, make arts and crafts, tell true tales, are Yorkshire dialect experts, social historians, supporters of people, self-publishers of books, fundraisers for local charities, re-imagine and retell hidden histories, and much much more. 
We also discovered so many connections and straight away were sharing tips and information about local venues, people and events. 

We then did a creative activity to come up with our dream ideas for performance related events that could happen at or with Keighley Library through making ‘Postcards from the Future’.
So many fantastic ideas came out of this - from children’s take over where kids make the rules, comedy nights, silent discos, language cafes, creating noise at the library, speed-dating songwriting sessions, sensory memory sessions using plants and herbs, dancing and movement to words, talking books, samba drumming, scratch nights to share work in progress, pop up book readings in Keighley, a library choir, drama workshops for kids, nights at the Library, political and protest poetry, walking book groups, storytelling with music and film, recipes and cooking nights to ghost stories.

And thats not even half of them!

Dee, the Library’s Development Officer, and part of the Create Connect Make team, talked about how some of our ideas can happen quite quickly and easily through the Library, while others might need some time to work on- which is what our group will do together. 
At our next meeting, we’ll start to decide together which ideas we want to work on.

We finished our session with an impromptu poem from Celia, the ‘Lockdown Laureate’, read by her husband Geoff, which got us all cheering. Celia has written a poem a day since the beginning of the pandemic and with the help of Geoff, has self-published three volumes of her poetry to raise money for a local charity. Here’s more about Celia and her story in the Keighley News

See everyone next time! 
We welcome new members! So if you’d like to join our next meet up on Thursday 19th May 5-7pm, drop us an email at createconnectmake@gmail.com to let us know you’d like to come.

We want to use the blog to showcase Keighley talent, so we’ll end this post with a poem from group member Irene who is a writer, spoken word performer, social historian, story collector, actor, and director

Dedicated to goddesses, a tree of life,
I bring fecundity, fertility, fidelity when planted.
Symbol of immortality and togetherness for Ancient Chinese,
my sweet flesh never divided to avoid separations.
'A gift from the gods'*, my heavy fruits
promise newborns' safe birth, growth, longevity.
My female cults as rare as my wild genus,
cultivars carried by corsairs and missionaries
propagate the world.
* Homer
© Irene Lofthouse
October 2016

More about Irene here