12. May, 2022

We are all made of stories

Do you want to be heard?
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11. May, 2022

We can collaborate and be a part of this

Feeling the pride, energy and confidence this week as the Bradford bid to be City of Culture 2025 reaches its final stages with a visit from the judging team.
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7. May, 2022

Our first Performance Group meet up

We had a fantastic first meet up of our new Performance Group last week at the Library...
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2. May, 2022

Join our new Local Stories group

Are you interested in exploring stories about Keighley people and places? What are the Keighley stories we need to tell the world?
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25. Apr, 2022

Join our new Making and Crafting Group

Do you like making and crafting stuff?
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22. Apr, 2022

We are all made of stories: new performance group starting at Keighley Library

Do you want to be heard? Got a story you’d like to tell, or a poem or a song in your head waiting to come out? Ever thought about sharing it?
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5. Apr, 2022

Presenting the Create Connect Make zine!

This zine (a hand-made magazine or booklet) is a snapshot of what we have been doing so far on the project in images and words.
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16. Feb, 2022

Poetry in Urdu: pure joy

We’ve had some lovely sessions with our ladies from Keighley Women and Children’s Centre over the last couple of weeks...
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9. Feb, 2022

Save the date!

We would like to invite you to our Creative Day with the Create Connect Make project at Keighley Library on Saturday 5th March, 1-3pm.
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3. Dec, 2021

This is the happiest I have been in a long time

This is the happiest I have been in a long time’We are realising that the simple act of doing a creative activity together can be so powerful.
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25. Nov, 2021

All of This Belongs to Us

‘All of this belongs to us’ ‘Turn the impossible into the possible’ ‘Online or in person events? The future is definitely both’
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18. Nov, 2021

Creating with Calligraphy

‘Harmony and calligraphy go together’ We so enjoyed hosting Razwan Ul-Haq with his Create With Calligraphy workshop at our #CreateConnectMake session at the Li
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